Strengthen the IT Security of Your Fleet

Cyberthreats to shipping are rising. Authorities are recording more and more attacks on ships and shipping companies and the perpetrators are becoming increasingly professional. Losses can run into the millions, making it more and more important to take precautions in good time and to do everything possible to ensure that a vessel’s IT system is effectively protected. And to do so before anything happens not after. After all, who wants to be told that they have not taken their responsibility for the company’s assets seriously enough?

Take Action Now and Avoid Losses

The number of attempted cyberattacks on the maritime sector has increased by 400 percent (Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty) since February 2020. The actions of organized gangs who smuggle malware into the vessel’s IT system are especially dangerous. This type of malware is designed to disrupt access to navigation, logistics control, or other digital systems and can lead to ship breakdowns. The objective of the attacks is to steal data or extort a ransom. The economic damage can be devastating, wiping out even major players on the market. Don’t let your fleet suffer any harm! The IMO 2021 approach calls for effective cyberrisk management to start at the senior management level. Take up the challenge now!

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IT Security from Shipping Experts

The first steps towards more cybersecurity are analysis, evaluation, and optimization of the technical conditions on board. Depending on the equipment on the vessels, fleet size, networking with the on-shore offices, and other parameters, this is a complex task that requires above all specialized maritime knowledge and not just IT security expertise. The on-shore situation must also be taken into account.

Always consult external experts who, thanks to their trained view from the outside, can identify any weak points. One of the most experienced partners in the field of maritime IT security is Waterway IT Solutions. We are the only system house with roots directly in shipping, and we have profound understanding of the processes on board. Instead of IT jargon, we speak the language of the shipping industry! Waterway IT advises you and supports your fleet’s IT managers in implementing appropriate hardware and software solutions, ensuring the effective protection of your fleet from malware and cyberattacks.

Crew Training Programs to Protect You from Phishing Threats

Despite the best firewall installation and the latest antivirus software, attacks can become dangerous if the hackers have unsuspecting allies on board: untrained staff. Cybercriminals have a modus operandi that takes advantage of a lack of awareness. They often smuggle malware into the IT system with the help of harmless-looking phishing emails. This element in the IT security concept must not be overlooked!

Waterway IT helps you to train your crews on board and on shore. We use simulated phishing attacks that serve as a quick check of the current status. The crews of your fleet are trained in the recognition of such emails, what makes them dangerous, and how they should be handled.

Performance of the test procedure requires little effort, but the learning effect can be decisive for the company’s security. Because knowledge makes the difference: if your crew recognizes and deletes a fraudulent email instead of simply opening it, they can save your fleet millions in losses.

Comply with IMO Guidelines: Keeping Your Fleet Sailing

Positive side effect of your security measures: you comply with the IMO Maritime Cyber Security Guidelines 2021. As of 1 January 2021, you have been required to prove that cyberrisks are given adequate consideration in the safety management systems right from the very first annual audit. This requirement also covers crew training about phishing emails. If adequate precautions have not been taken, ships can be arrested by Port State Control — spare yourself and your fleet this costly hassle! Waterway IT will be happy to advise you on how best to proceed.

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