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The risk of hacker attacks on ships is growing. Our Phishing Attack Security Check helps you to alert employees to potential risks and subject the crew to targeted training. In addition to strengthening protection of your vessel IT against cyber attacks, this also enables you to meet IMO compliance rules in an exemplary manner. Ask the experts!

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Waterway IT Solutions

IT Experts with long term Shipping Know-How

Waterway IT Solutions is your expert partner for integrated IT solutions and services in the maritime environment. We are the only system house with roots in the shipping industry and therefore know our clients and their maritime requirements from own experience.

We are experts in cybersecurity and smart shipping and implement your projects professionally with our more than 20 internationally experienced maritime IT experts, supporting your fleet around the clock.

Our Companies History

Origins in Ship Management and IT

Waterway IT Solutions has its origins both in the field of technical ship management and in the IT service provider of the renowned Hamburg-based shipping company Ahrenkiel Steamship.

As it became increasingly clear that IT in shipping - on board seagoing vessels - is becoming an important topic and must be handled professionally in order to offer professional ship management, we recognized a growing demand in the shipping market for our products and services. In order to cover the entire spectrum of a ship's needs, we have decided to offer a communication product in cooperation with our long-standing partner Navarino.

In 2017, we opened our office in Dubai with six field technicians to ensure global coverage of on-board operations. While Waterway was previously 100% owned by MPC IT Services, part of the MPC Group based in Hamburg, we decided to change the ownership structure to become a more independent company and also to have several industrial partners with whom we can further develop Waterway.

This has enabled us to win the Atlantic Lloyd Group and Ahrenkiel Steamship as shareholders, who have also expanded our managed fleet to a significant size. With the new shareholders, Johannes Flade and Matthias Hamann joined the Waterway management team. Together with Florian zum Felde, who built Waterway from the beginning, these three are the management of the company.

It is our passion to offer IT services in the fascinating environment of international shipping with the clear goal of always meeting the needs of our customers!

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