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Valuable information regarding security issues

In our latest articles, you will find background stories, information and tips on IMO 2021 and shipboard cyber security.

Is Your Fleet Safe from Cyber Attacks?

When hacker attacks endanger the fleet, you don't want to be in the shoes of those responsible. Secure yourself before something happens and protect your fleet in advance from millions in damage caused by cyber crime. Read now what steps you can take to minimise cyber risk. At the same time, avoid having your vessels arrested by Port State Control for compliance violations.

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Can your crew deal with hacker attacks?

The new IMO Guidelines for IT security came into force in 2021. Crew training against hacker attacks ensures that you can pass the next audit. A trained crew can avert many cyber attacks on your vessel. Find out now about the first steps to identify weak points and take targeted preventive measures. This will also give you the best cards for the next audit.

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