Phishing Attack Security Check

Train your crew now, strengthen IT security, meet compliance

Favourable conditions
€ 100,–
Per vessel/email address only

Cyber criminals increasingly use phishing emails to steal data and damage vessel IT systems. Blacklisting or firewalls are a poor help when the weak point is actually the crew.

Through our Phishing Attack Security Check, Waterway IT Solutions provides you with a complete test package. This enables you to enhance protection of your vessel IT even further and ensures that your crew can deal with the threat. Meet IMO compliance rules today! You can then face the next audit and Port State Control inspection without any fear.

The goals

  • Protecting vessels against phishing attacks
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Successfully passing the audit
  • Successfully passing the Port State Control

Special service portfolio

  • Simulated phishing attacks in four waves
  • Phishing emails adapted to the maritime industry
  • Detailed reporting suitable for audits
  • Rapid feedback ensures basic crew training
  • The IT of the land organization can be tested as well

Uncomplicated procedure

  • You commission Waterway IT Solutions 
  • You provide us with email addresses
  • You check whether the emails reach recipients on board
  • No effort necessary on your part – we take care of it!
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