Waterway IT ensures that you are equipped for all future digital challenges

Digitization is revolutionising the world, and this also applies to shipping. Processes are automated and accelerated. Ships and entire fleets are becoming more efficient, sustainable and safe. Partners in maritime logistics are digitally networked, transportation is optimally controlled. The future of shipping has already begun.

You can benefit today from these digitisation opportunities! And we ensure that you have the support you need.

IT Platform

Installation or retrofitting of maritime tailored IT systems on board to meet applicable guidelines and to improve workflows

specific Systems

Support for the evaluation and rollout of ship-specific systems as well as secure connection to the IT platform on board for efficient ship/shore cooperation

Connected vessels for smart operations

Collaboration with your suppliers to connect on-board systems to save OPEX costs through smart remote maintenance

Application Management

Integration of new or existing application systems, as well as proper and regular updates according applicable rules and regulations


Selection, installation and integration of demand-based communication systems to optimize business processes

Cyber Security

Review, introduction and adjustment of technical and organizational security management systems

Smart Shipping

Introduction of managed smartphones, camera systems and other digitalization projects

IT consulting with many years of shipping know-how

Waterway IT has its roots in the maritime sector and has accompanied the rapid development of smart shipping. Our IT consulting service involves discussing IT solutions with you that optimally address your challenges and are tailored exactly to your goals, your resources, the existing infrastructure and your budget. We develop future-proof IT solutions for you. And the immediate aim need not be an autonomously navigating container ship!               

As shipping specialists, we are more familiar with shipboard IT issues than many others. We have already planned and realised numerous complex maritime projects, ranging from better management of a vessel’s IT infrastructure to the digital transformation of an entire fleet. Our concepts are reliable and have a proven record of success.

We support you with this unique expertise in all your IT projects, including:

  • implementation of secure remote connections to specific ship systems,
  • implementation of new IT rules and regulations in documentation,
  • rollout planning of IT and communication systems.

The issue of cyber security is also growing in importance. We can advise you on how to reduce risks and meet IMO 2021 guidelines.

Competent planning, rapid implementation.

More than just planning: Waterway IT completely implements planned measures.
Hardware installation occurs onside or remotely if a vessel visit is not possible. This means that hardware is delivered on board, with the crew installing the components according to precise instructions and in direct coordination with Waterway. This saves you valuable time and additional expense. Discover the advantages of our Waterway Core IT platform.

Our experts oversee your shipboard IT infrastructure to ensure that all processes on your ship function stably. You can find out more about IT support and managed services here.

Digital consulting – what can your company gain from smart shipping?

We monitor and accompany global digitization trends in the maritime sector. This enables us to advise you independently on what can be decisive for the future of your company – and that which is probably no more than hot air. We will help you to decide which IT developments you should opt for to really achieve greater effectiveness, greater cost savings and greater security for your vessel.

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